Vashi & The Proposers – a formidable trio if you’re in need of any proposal advice!

Vashi & The Proposers - a formidable trio if you’re in need of any proposal advice!

How much should I budget for a proposal?

We always get asked this question but the truth is…your proposal should be whatever you can afford and are happy to spend. There’s no point getting in debt so you need to be realistic. Everyone’s proposal is different so we will work to any budget from £500 to £50,000.

Here are some examples of past proposals and costs to help guide you:

Our Art Gallery proposal was completely unique to our art loving bride-to-be

She was an inspiring artist so we hired her own private gallery but little did she know that all the art was designed with her in mind. As she reached the last canvas there happened to be a velvet cloth over it. But as she questioned why this was there, her fiancé-to-be whipped it off to reveal her own heart shape she’d designed previously with the words 'Will you marry me?'

Her nickname is "Cups"so we filled the room with cups filled with flowers to add some extra detail.

Art Gallery Proposal

COST: £2,700

Sham said: "The proposal went like a dream – the venue was beautiful and the setup was perfect. I wanted the day to be both memorable and unique which is exactly how it was so it couldn’t have gone any better! Daisy and Tiffany were simply amazing throughout and I enjoyed working with them to come up with such a personal proposal."

Alice in Wonderland Picnic

David Bossart, from Geneva wanted to propose to his girlfriend whilst they were over visiting London. We soon realised that Sarah his girlfriend was not only a huge fan of Alice in Wonderland but also loved picnics. So, what better way to propose than with an Alice in Wonderland Picnic themed proposal in a stunning bandstand on Hampstead Heath.

Alice in Wonderland Picnic

COST: £1500

David Said: "I couldn’t have asked for a better proposal. The girls were incredible and did everything for me without any stress – all I had to do was turn up! I was so nervous about arranging the perfect proposal but with the help of The Proposers, we created Sarah's dream proposal and I became the happiest man in the world when she said YES."

Brighton Beach Hut Proposal

Nirmal and Bhavesha had an arranged marriage a few years ago and as such, he never got to propose. Nirmal wanted the chance to give Bhavesha her dream proposal so contacted us to create something truly unique and personalised just to her.

Nirmal explained that Bhavesha loved Brighton and the sea so it was an obvious choice for the location. We hired a gorgeous hut and designed a personalised sign that was hung on the door for Bhavesha to find. The hut was then filled with personalised roses, a poem book with poems Nirmal had written himself and a gorgeous engagement ring hidden inside a vintage birdcage filled with autumn leaves! It was the perfect setting for his proposal on a freezing day.

After the proposal we arranged an extra surprise for their family to turn up to celebrate.

Brighton Beach Prposal

COST: £2000

Nirmal said: "Girls you were incredible! The proposal was completely perfect. I loved the way you made everything so personal to Bhavesha and me. It was great working with you both, and sadly (and hopefully!?!?) I will never need to use you again!"

Storybook Proposal

Story Book Proposal

John told us that his girlfriend loved children’s story books and he often describes her as his little elephant. We thought this was incredibly cute and so we set out to write their very own love story. As John read her very own book out loud, Marie soon realised that the characters in the book were them. As he read out the last page – it showed John (the lion) bending down on one knee and that’s when he said "WILL YOU MARRY ME?"

COST: £500

John said: "Thank you so much for creative something so unique – we will treasure this book forever and read to our grandchildren time and time again"


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