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The Heart cut, an age-old symbol of love and romance is essentially a Pear shaped diamond with a cleft at the top centre. In this shape, it is the skill of the cutter which determines the beauty of the cut. The standard number of facets of a heart shape cut diamond is 59, but can have a varying number of pavilion (lower) facets ranging from 4, 6, 7, or 8.

A great way to distinguish your diamond from other popular cuts and retain brilliance and fire in your stone, the Heart cut is popularly used in necklaces as well as promise rings and matching earrings. Traditionally, Heart cuts are not a popular cut for engagement and wedding rings, being usually given on less formal occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries and Valentine’s Day.

In a Heart diamond it is important to be sure of the overall quality of the diamond, avoiding Heart cut diamonds which are too flat, a flat diamond will dull the brilliance of the stone. For a unique, fancy cut diamond, the Heart cut diamond is the ideal wau to balance brilliance and fire with a unique cut.

Most Heart-shaped diamonds are cut to a 1.00 ratio, approximately 0.90 to 1.10 (almost square), this ratio is most pleasing to the eye. Some Heart-shaped diamonds may be slightly longer than wide, with a ratio of 1.10 or 1.20. recommends that you choose a plump stone with a well-defined outline and even shoulders, which has a minimum colour of G, clarity of SI1 and very good cut.

If you are looking for a good quality Heart shaped diamond on a modest budget, look for a stone with a minimum colour of H, clarity of SI1, and very good cut.