What is diamond cut?

The cut is a diamonds reflective qualities.

  • The cut is the most important factor when determining value.
  • A good cut lets a diamond handle light well and emit sparkle.
  • Grades of cut range from 'Super Ideal' to 'Very Good'.
  • Super Ideal is the highest cut grade.

What makes a well–cut diamond?

A well-cut diamond will have the angles that allow light to reflect back to the eye.

As shown in the images below, when a diamond is well–cut, light enters through it where it reflects from one side to the other before reflecting back out of the diamond to the viewer’s eye. This light is called the 'brilliance'.

In a poorly cut diamond, the light that enters the diamond 'leaks' out from the sides or bottom rather than reflecting back to the eye.

The less light that is reflected back to the eye, the less brilliance a diamond emits.

Diamonds with a Super Ideal cut are the finest graded cuts currently available. Besides being cut to exact proportions, these diamonds also have an Ideal polish and Ideal symmetry.

At Vashi.ie we don’t sell diamonds with a cut grade lower than Very Good, and select only 1 out of 10 diamonds to meet this criteria.

Which cut grade is best for my budget?

  • Finest quality: Super Ideal & Ideal
  • Best balance for quality and cost: Very good
  • Biggest size for price: Very Good

Other diamond quality factors: