Choosing the right colour?

Colour is graded by how colourless or 'white' the stone is.

  • Grades of colour range from D (colourless) to Z (yellow tint).
  • Fluorescence can affect the colour a diamond appears to be.
  • The whiter the diamond, the greater it's value.
  • D - colourless is the highest colour grade.

Diamond colour chart

Below are images of what each colour grade looks like and their assigned grades.

Colour grade scale

The whiter and more colourless a diamond is, the greater its value.

  • D-F - Colourless and naturally the most valuable and desirable because of their rarity.
  • G-I - Virtually no colour that is visible to the untrained eye.
  • J-M - Very faint hint of yellow will be apparent however, this can be minimised by selecting the right mount.
  • K-Z - Visible colour tint.

At we don’t sell diamonds with a colour grade lower than I.

What affects a diamond's colour?

Fluorescence affects the colour a diamond can appear to be.

If a diamond exhibits fluorescence it means that its colour changes when exposed to ultraviolet radiation.

Diamonds with this characteristic can appear to change in colour quite often.

  • Diamonds that produce a blue reaction usually appear whiter, or more colourless, under UV light.
  • Stones that produce a yellow reaction appear even more yellow under some lighting conditions.

Which colour grade is best for my budget?

  • Finest quality: D to E
  • Best balance for quality and cost: F to G
  • Biggest size for price: H to I

Other diamond quality factors: